Money Mindset Reset! - Are you A Badass with Money?

I am so excited that you have landed on my newest course page and that you are interested in learning more about money; the mindset, the relationship, the manifestation and everything in between. Have you watched the video above yet? If not, please do so! It is 3-minutes that might just change your life. If you have, then please keep reading. Either way, I hope that you will join me in this amazing journey as you dive deep into your money story so that you can come out the victor and live a happy, secure and stress-free life. - XO Sara L. Clarke

Let's talk about the BIG elephant in the room... MONEY! Most don't like to talk about money because they don't have any. If they do, they are to busy spending it and then wondering at the end of the month where it all went. At one time or another, we have all had money 'problems'. Can you relate to any of the statements below?

Have you been living paycheque to paycheque, without being able to pay for all your needs and wants?

Is there always more month than there is money?

Have you ever wondered why you cannot seem to keep money in your wallet, or in your bank account?

Have you been living the same money cycle since childhood, meaning that you are growing up in your parents footsteps… broke, somewhat broke or having just enough?

Do you know what your limiting beliefs are around money?

Do you know that you actually have a relationship with money? (If you didn’t, then your relationship is probably pretty bad).

Do you know that manifesting is a natural part of life and whether you know it or not, you are manifesting your future and every part of your life every day?

Did you know that there is money hiding out in your home, business/job and all around you, and that you can easily find it?

When I first saw the book, You Are a Badass at Making Money, I was actually turned off by the title. I thought it was going to be all about money and getting lots of it for greed. The moment this went through my mind I knew that I had to read it. Having that thought meant that I still had some issues in my relationship with money.

Badass money


You Are a Badass at Making Money rocked me to the core. I have been researching, learning and training in the money and mindset areas since 2007. I have learned a lot, practised a lot and have had much success in both areas. In 2007 R.H. and I were $3 from bankruptcy. Now, here we are, 12-years later and we never declared bankruptcy. We live in a million-dollar home, run 3 successful companies and we are on the path to living a life that we could only dream of. Yet, reading this book in late 2018 rocked my being, for the good.

This book can revolutionize your life, your relationship with money and it will help you to create more opportunities within your life to make more money. How do I know? Because I have read this book multiple times and have been putting it into practice for some time now, 12-years after I had a massive change in my money mindset.

I have always wanted to write a book about money mindset, but after reading You Are A Badass At Making Money I knew that there was no need for my book because this book has it all.

Did you know that Money is simply a source? It does not own you, control you or take from you. You have all the right in the world to have the money you need, to create the life you have always wanted!

Have you ever had multiple $100 Dollar Bills in your wallet that you didn’t need, or even want to spend?

Have you ever paid cash for a large purchase?

Have you used only cash to pay for all your spending?

Do you pay your credit card off each and every moth?

Have you attracted new money into your life, without hard work?

Do you started saving for retirement?

Can you pay for your child's/children's post secondary schooling in cash?

Have you used the manifestation tools to bring money into your life?



Using this AMAZING book, You Are a Badass at Making Money, I will not only guide you through the book and the exercises that the author, Jen Sincero, but I have also added a massive amount of content, questions and exercises for you to work through. My hope is that through this course that you will: 

Leave the victim mentality so that you can become the victor of your life

Find out what is holding you back from having money, creating money and making money

Leave the money cycle that you have been circling for years

Create a new foundation for your relationship with money

Create new strategies for your money

Learn how to manifest all the goodness for your life

Learn how to get your spouse/partner/family onboard with the money thing

Get the tools to create a stress-free, happy life where your money works for you


Life long access to the online program

All content in the program, including all updates that I make to the program

Monthly group online call for mentoring and Q&A

PDF documents that you can print off so that you can work on the program away from your computer

A private Facebook group to connect with all the other course takers. It is very important to surround yourself with like-minded humans that are on the same page as you. (More to come on this in the course)

Q&A, mentorship and lives with Sara in the Facebook Group

An opportunity to work more indepthly with Sara in a group setting (once you complete the program)

The 1st 200 Badasses get the program for $97. Then the price will change to $197.


This is a self-guided study. Meaning that you move through the program at your own pace. The program never closes and you have access to the program for as long as you want. I have included step by step instructions on how to read the book, complete the exercises and work through the entire program. I will be with you the entire way, helping you to overcome the places you are stuck, so that you can create an epic life for you, your family and so that you can leave a legacy for your grandkids nieces ( song). 

If this is something you need in your life and want me to hold your hand through the process, then simply click the button below to get started. Once you register and complete your login, you will be welcomed into the program. This is where you will find a list of things that you will need for the program (a shortlist), the link to the Facebook group and the link, with dates and times, for the monthly online calls. You will also receive the first steps to starting the program. The entire program will start on July 27, 2020. 

To learn more about my journey and insights with You are a Badass at Making Money and to get a head-start, visit my blog post I Am Becoming a Badass.

Here are just a few of the outcomes from Badasses who have taken the program


The 1st 200 Badasses get the program for $97. Then the price will change to $197.

A Bit About Our Money Story

In 2006, R.H. (my Husband) and I had two handsome sons and a third little boy on the way. We were running our bookkeeping business from home, and we had a client that I was personally working 30 plus hours a week for and the workload was getting heavier. This was such a blessing for our business and family. However, with the increased workload came more in-office visits. This meant that I was driving across town way too often, and I was losing time in the office, not to mention racking up the mileage on my vehicle. Because of the high demand and great pay, R.H. and I decided to move to the opposite end of the city to be closer to the client.

This was wonderful because the house we were currently living in was too small for our quickly growing family, and our dream was to always be in the west end of town. So, the move and the investment seemed like the right option at the right time. We were able to purchase a home for double what we sold our previous home for. We moved in, and everything was going right. The boys were happy they had space, I was happy because a 2-hour round trip commute was now only 5-minutes, and R.H. was happy because we were raising our young family in a beautiful community.

Within the first 60-days of moving into the new home, something went sideways with the client. It wasn’t something we did, but they decided that with the amount of time I was working that it would be best if they hired a full-time, in house bookkeeper. In the moment, I was so lost and confused, but looking back at it now, it made the most sense. It was just too bad we purchased our home, knowing that $4000 a month in income was coming from this one client. We were devastated, heartbroken and scared to death. For months and months, we budgeted, we lived on less, we went without and as time went on, we had to refinance the house twice to be able to live and feed our family.  

I recall one morning when we had an appointment and were running out the door late. I remember that the boys did not eat breakfast because we had no milk. It wasn’t because I forgot to pick some up at the grocery store. No, it was because after all the bills were paid, there was only enough money for a minimal amount of supplies and milk was not one of those supplies. We left the house with hungry bellies, mine being very pregnant, and headed to the appointment.

With the change in my purse, the last $3.00 left to our name, we decided to stop at the coffee shop to get whatever we could afford for the boys for breakfast. They ended up sharing an orange juice and a muffin. I remember them sitting in the backseat of the vehicle eating their breakfast, and I looked at R.H. with utter sadness in my eyes, asking, without saying a word, “why us?”

In 2015 we purchased our 6,000 sq ft dream home (at the time) for pennies on the dollar, our home is now valued at 1.2 million. We had and continue to have no credit card debt. We have money in the bank (multiple 6-figures). Schooling for our 4 boys is paid for. We manifest everything we want and desire, all because we fixed our mindset and created a loving relationship with money. We learned all the tools, tips and tricks when it comes to living an abundant life. 

Do we have a home investment loan… yes. Do we have car loans… 2 to be exact. But we are not looking for change in the couch to be able to make the payments. I am just like you, working on living a happy and comfortable life and wanting to better my situation on a daily basis. I am touchable, I am relatable and I am just like you… working my ASS off to make my future brighter!

We have learned so much since those days back in 2006. Friends, that is over 14 years ago. This course, the deep dive not only into this amazing book, but a deep dive into your mindset and relationship around money, is a lot of what I have learned in the past 14 years. 

My hope is that for those who have landed on this page and may be on the verge of bankruptcy and not knowing what to do next or how you are going to pay for milk this week, that you will see hope. Hope for you and your future, because it is there. I promise you. My hope is to bring you a sense of peace and hope in knowing that you are not alone and that there is a better, happier life awaiting you. 

So, if you are ready to fix your relationship with money and better your mindset around money, then click the button below… Come and join us. 

The 1st 200 Badasses get the program for $97. Then the price will change to $197.

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